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PJLink is supported by NetControlWe are very pleased to announce the release of NetControl 2.9 projector & flat panel control and management software. This was extra hard work but we kept the schedule! This new software release supports over 2000 projectors and flat TV models from 37 different manufacturers.

NetControl 2.9 offers strong support for the industry standard PJLINK network protocol. As a solution for AV asset management, service time planning and lamp and filter replacement NetControl offers advanced email reporting of projector failures in large network environments. Get your trial version today and check out the new features by yourself.

We already received customer requests asking us if our projector & flat panel display control and asset management software NetControl 2.5 runs on Windows 8 Pro and the upcoming Microsoft Surface tablet. We successfully deployed NetControl 2.5 on Windows 8 Pro (Preview Version) and we are currently evaluating the functionality. As soon as the Microsoft Surface tablet is available we will also test our products on the new Windows 8 Pro tablets.

The great news is that NetControl 2.5 works on Windows 8 Pro without any problems. As soon as the final version of Windows 8 is available we will officially certify NetControl for Windows 8.

Feel free to test by yourself. Download a version of Windows 8 Pro and a trial version of NetControl 2.5.

Works out of the box!

SMART Board Projectors UF75, UF65 and UX60In our latest NetControl 2.5 universal projector control software release we improved support for SNMP network projectors and added three more SMART Board projector models. The SMART Board UF75, UF65 and UX60 projector drivers within NetControl provide all important control functions such as power on/off, input switching, AV mute, low/high lamp mode.

NetControl also records lamp hours and filter hours for the UF75, UF65 and UX60 models and sends email notifications to administrators or AV technicians.

NetControl 2.5 helps customers save projector lamp life by using NetControl’s powerful event scheduler. Power on/off times can be scheduled for any number of SMART Board Projectors. Save money, staff time, and stay in control of your projector inventory.

Please checkout and test the new SMART Board projector functions within NetControl 2.5.

The ultra-short-throw multimedia projector models Sanyo PDG-DXL2000 and PDG-DWL2500 are added to the NetControl 2.5 driver database. Both projectors were designed for classroom use and are equipped with a RJ45 network port for projector control. No extra control system hardware is needed to control the both models with NetControl.

Sanyo PDG-DWL2500 PDG-DXL2000 network control

NetControl is the perfect solution to control and manage large numbers of network projector in a LAN. NetControl is 100% software-based!

Bitlogix released today a new NetControl software update. Beside software improvements and control enhancements we added the following Casio PJLink network projectors to the NetControl 2.1 update:


With the latest NetControl 2.1 software update NetControl end users can control over 914 different projector and flat panel display models from over 29 different manufacturers. This makes NetControl the leading projector control software solution in its class. All NetControl 2.0 users with a current support agreement receive this update for free. All users with older NetControl versions can easily upgrade to NetControl 2.1 for an upgrade fee.

The Bitlogix QA-Team approved the NetControl 2.0 Release Candidate 1. All download information are available online and NetControl 2.0 RC1 (version is now ready for public download. NetControl 2.0 provides a complete classroom and room control system for projector and display control with status report functionality (email alert for lamp and filter replacement, filter cleaning, etc.), offline notification with email notification and event management for projector on/off, input switching actions. NetControl provides the power and infrastructure to control and monitor the latest PJLink network projectors,  older RS2332 control port enabled projectors, or network port enabled flat panel displays over the LAN or WAN.

NetControl 2.0 RC1 is approved for the following 32-bit and 64-bit operation systems:

Windows 7
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2003
Windows Vista
Windows XP

For customers with other operating systems such as Apple MAC OS X, Linux, Oracle Solaris, OpenSolaris, FreeBSD we recommend VirtualBox to run NetControl 2.0. NetControl 2.0 can be installed for users with limited user rights and permissions in complex network environments.

A software trial version for NetControl 2.0 is available here.

The company Roemtech (  is a longtime Bitlogix partner for classroom control systems and NetControl network projector control software. They recently introduced a new stereo amplifier/mixer with a very interesting Hummbuster technology.  This new technology is switchable allowing flexibility in resolving ground loop issues, should they arise. The PMA-245H is a dual input, 18 volt, 45 watt, plenum rated stereo amplifier/mixer. Enjoy the video presentation.

Here is the product link:

NetControl 2.0 supports now the LG flat panel displays M3203C and M3703C. Many customers asked us to include support for the LG M3203C and M3703C flat panel displays to our upcoming NetControl 2.0 release. The displays are equipped with network ports and do not require any extra control hardware to monitor and manage them over the LAN or even WAN.

Supported device list:

In the next weeks we will add many more projectors and panels. Please check with you Bitlogix sales or support representative if you need to control devices not listed. We probably can help and include those models to a regular software update.

Here is the link to the NetControl 2.0 device list for all supported projectors, flat panel displays and other devices.

NetControl 2 is available as a preview release download. Final version will be available in next couple of weeks. Probably around the InfoComm 2010 show.

The NPC-1 Starter Package software bundled with the Eiki NPC-1 reached the end of its support life-cycle. Please call Bitlogix Sales and purchase a software upgrade. Special upgrade prices are available.

Please read:

A little history lesson:
The starter software was bundled and sold together with the Eiki NPC-1 serial device server by Eiki International – United States, Eiki Industrial – Japan, and Eiki Deutschland – Germany. Product was introduced 2003 and Bitlogix offered software support to Eiki customers. As far as I remember this was one of the first projector control software packages for LAN and WAN on the market.

Users can upgrade the NPC-1 starter software and purchase NetControl 1.10 for a reduced license fee. Our sales team knows more details.